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Enterprise customers struggle with managing the complexity of their telecom services. They pay for a wide range of services procured from different carriers with complex agreements and their telecom inventory is a moving target.

A telecom audit is a meticulous review of your telecom bills and contracts. Our team of experts will analyze every line item, ensuring you're only paying for the services you're actually using. We compare your billed rates against your contracts, identify discrepancies, and uncover hidden charges.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and discover how our Telecom Audits and Expense Management solutions can unlock significant cost savings for your business.

Gain Clarity

At the end of the process you will have a clear detailed inventory for all voice, data, and wireless services so you know where every dollar of your telecom budget goes.

Control Costs

Overbilling, duplicate charges and errors happen more than you think, in fact Gartner has found that 20% of telecom bills contain errors.

Zero Risk

Projects are fully funded only on a percentage of what we find, save, and recover. If our auditing team is unable to reduce costs, there is no fee.


Free up budget dollars

Simplify, optimize, and manage voice, data, and mobility services 

No change in carriers

Average savings 10% - 30%

Review existing contacts for compliance

Review cancelled services that are still billing

Hidden cost escalators and minimum revenue shortfalls

Redundant features

Missing discounts and credits earned

Tax and tariff errors

Unnecessary and unused services

Telecom expense management solutions

Cloud expense management

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